• London Fields

    London Fields (2018) R

    All of Them Want Her. One of Them Wants Her...DEAD.
    Crime Mystery Thriller
  • Genghis Khan

    Genghis Khan


    Genghis Khan is a first full length animation film based on a true story. Genghis Khan’s father was poisoned by the Tatars and dead when he was only nine years old. Afterwards, he suffered through a lot of difficulties. No one imagined that he would establish the largest land empire in the world his

  • Boss Of Prius

    Boss Of Prius


    "Boss of Prius" is a sequel of "Boss of Microbus". Tahia and Bayara sold their microbus and bought a Prius to become a taxi driver. Tahia and Bayara became a victim of group of car thieves who have a order of stealing 500 Prius. So the adventure begins.

  • Good Dad

    Good Dad


    Sun rises, sets and rises again. A man's struggle against difficulties in cruel world, also he endeavors for his wife and kids, life seemed hard, but he never became an alcoholic, his dreams didn't come true but never became sad and he never left his family during hard times. Because his family is the meaning of his life. What dads really want? Can they accomplish their dreams?

  • Passer By

    Passer By


    A simple life about last Mongolian nomads. All these nomads live compatible with development and urban civilization. A parents who miss their children, a wife awaiting her husband, kids who miss their dad. Their loved ones have gone to metropolis area to find a better life. A man receives news that his dad is very ill, so he decides to return back to his hometown after 10 years. Unfortunately, it was too late. His hometown has gotten emptier and it was unlike his childhood memories. Since his father has passed away, he decides to stay and marry off his younger brother. But his younger brother's fiancee falls in love with him.

  • Legend Of Gobi

    Legend Of Gobi

    In ancient time, there were a kingdom with people who loved and respected fiddle melody. A royal official named Ilger took over the kingdom and became king. After this incident new king Ilger burned all musical instruments, killed all musicians and only left a fiddler called Khuguljirgen.

  • Top Secret 2

    Top Secret 2

    There is a story which can't be forgotten by our young and next generation. This movie is based on the true story of 10 brave soldiers who fought against around 150 enemies to stop their attempt to cross border secretly. Even though, they didn't have any potential weapon, except for a machine gun, they didn't leave their spot and fought until their last breath. Some of them have thrown their grenade on themselves to detonate with enemies.

  • Fury Of Heart

    Fury Of Heart

    In 1870 Mongols have lived under the pressure of The Qing Dynasty for about 150 years. Qing's high taxation has affected people's lives. People everywhere are suffering from disease and hunger. Riots immediately sent to prison who provoke a riot against Qing domination.

  • Tsetsehen Behi

    Tsetsehen Behi

    In the 14th century, Mongolian Empire conquered all over Asia. At this period of time Mongol stopped to pay taxes to Qing Dynasty and their relation started to deteriorate. At this critical moment Mongolians send Princess Setsekhen to marry with the Qing Dynasty's prince to strengthen further friendly relationships. After some incident, Southern Song Dynasty and Mongolian Empire declare a war against Qing Dynasty. A king gives an order to his six skilled warriors to bring back Princess Setsekhen home before the battle begins

  • Twist Of Fate

    Twist Of Fate


    Twins fall in love with ? girl and they plan to get married. Her dad won't allow his daughter to marry them, but at the end he gives permission to take her daughter. However, her dad still dislike them. The twins got caught by doing illegal cross border trade between Mongolia and Russia. They senten

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