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  • The Gateway Bug

    The Gateway Bug


    Over 2 billion people on earth eat insects for protein. The Gateway Bug explores how changing daily eating habits can feed humanity in an uncertain age, one meal at a time.

  • The Foam Of Days

    The Foam Of Days


    A young man released from prison is threatened by the brother of the offender whom he killed involuntarily years ago. In the middle of daily survival with his friends, he is looking to recover time and lost love.

  • Monkey Menace

    Monkey Menace


    An escalating human-monkey conflict issue that’s at large in India.

  • This Is Christmas

    This Is Christmas


    Five divorced men. Six ex-wives. Nine kids. Girlfriends, boyfriends, ex-friends, in-laws, ex-in-laws. Too many phone numbers to remember and too many lives in the balance before Christmas…

  • How Farmers Became Bankers?

    How Farmers Became Bankers?


    Can Liechtenstein maintain prosperity despite the relaxation of banking secrecy and the withdrawal of billions of clients’ money or is it in danger of falling back into the poverty of past days?

  • Transhumance



    In a corner of Patagonia, there is a social, productive and sustainable organization system of ancestral origins, the Transhumance.

  • River Of Treasures

    River Of Treasures


    An adventure journey into European past through the discovery of sunken treasures.

  • 101



    “101” is a reverence to Abel Gance’s film “J’accuse!,” one of the most important anti-war films in history.

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