• The Idiot Cycle

    The Idiot Cycle

    What you aren't being told about cancer.

    This documentary explores the links between chemical pollution, the development of genetically modified crops and cancer treatments.

  • Through the Garden Gate

    Through the Garden Gate (2010) G

    A Diary of the English Countryside

    A renowned British wildlife cameraman takes a year out from his international assignments, to reveal the surprising secret nature living in and around an English country village.

  • Lavender's Blue

    Lavender's Blue (2018)

    Humans are no longer in control
    Science Fiction

    Information is power. In a world governed by a corrupt Artificial Intelligence, can one woman's home video spark a revolution?

  • Oliver's Travels

    Oliver's Travels


    A young polar bear thrust into a magical adventure must leave his beloved zoo to find his true home.

  • Her Majesty

    Her Majesty PG

    Two Worlds. One day will change their lives forever.

    A young New Zealand girl has the opportunity to realize her most fervent hopes and dreams when her idol, Queen Elizabeth, comes to visit her small hometown. But will her unlikely friendship with an elderly Maori woman threaten everything she holds dear?

  • Governor Gabbi

    Governor Gabbi (2017)

    Comedy Family

    A college girl mistakenly wins governor of California.

  • employee's mystery

    employee's mystery

    drama, noir, arthouse, thriller, distopy, identity
    Drama Film Noir Thriller

    who are we really?

  • Blue Magic

    Blue Magic (2017)

    A very weird movie
    Drama Fantasy

    Moises goes in search of a cure for his mother illness, in the way he meets a young girl with blue hair, who can help him in his mission but first he must help her get rid of a monster that haunts her.

  • A Haunted Mind

    A Haunted Mind

    Drama Thriller

    A former cop is haunted by his past and searches in suicide an escape or redemption.

  • Faceless Nation

    Faceless Nation

    Documentary Family