• The Painted Bird

    The Painted Bird (2019)


    Jerzy Kosinski, The Painted Bird © 1965, Houghton Mifflin, New York Rights been obtained, April 2010, Spertus College of Judaica, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A - A dark masterpiece and harrowing story that follows the wanderings of a boy abandoned by his parents during World War II.

  • Run the Race

    Run the Race (2019)

  • Miss Bala

    Miss Bala (2019)

  • A Child's Voice

    A Child's Voice

    No more hurting.
    Drama Film Noir Romance Thriller

    (Supernatural Thriller) A homeless teen answers the voice of a child calling out for help and is sent on a journey to find a human trafficking network run by the child's killer.


    AÇELA (2019) G

    Due to, Her father is going to business trip, lefts his 7 years old girl Açela for 1 week along with her mother who is living in village.
    Animation Adventure Comedy Family
  • London Fields

    London Fields (2019)

  • Won When

    Won When

    We all need a win, right?!
    Action Mystery Romance Thriller

    “Won When” is a tale of betrayal, deceit, and hope for redemption in today’s blameless society told through the eyes of people who seemingly have nothing in common.

  • Neither Wolf Nor Dog

    Neither Wolf Nor Dog (2017)


    Adapted from the acclaimed novel Neither Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn the story follows a white author who gets sucked into the heart of contemporary Native American life in the sparse lands of the Dakota's by a 95 year old Lakota elder and his side-kick.

  • Rez Bomb

    Rez Bomb

    Romance Thriller
  • Neither Wolf Nor Dog

    Neither Wolf Nor Dog


    A white author gets sucked into a road trip through the heart of the contemporary Native American landscape by a Lakota elder.