• A Hologram for the King

    A Hologram for the King (2016) R

    Comedy Drama

    A failed American sales rep looks to recoup his losses by traveling to Saudi Arabia and selling his company's product to a wealthy monarch.

  • Bloodrunners

    Bloodrunners (2016) R

    In a time of corruption, true evil hides in plain sight.
    Action Crime Horror Mystery Thriller

    Set in 1930s prohibition, a corrupt cop discovers that the popular speakeasy in town has been infiltrated by vampires.

  • Mothers and Daughters

    Mothers and Daughters (2016) PG-13

    Love is the one thing they can all agree on.

    Mothers and Daughters features interwoven stories about what it means to be a mom

  • Beyond metal

    Beyond metal (2010)

    A Robot with a soul
    Action Drama Science Fiction Thriller

    This beautifully crafted sci-fi film transports us to a future where robots are commonplace and have begun developing personalities and feelings. The two main characters Henry and Jack, once close friends, now rivals in both their professional and private lives. Henry is cold, determined and calculating while Jack is vulnerable and emotional. To cope with loneliness, Jack turns to alcohol. In order to save his Master, Jack's domestic Robot creates a crisis situation where Henry and Jack must find a way to co-operate in order to save their lives....and soul. Told from the Robot's POV, this suspenseful story is accented by the mesmerizing virtuoso performances by all three main characters, including the robot!

  • Tie The Knot

    Tie The Knot (2016) PG

    Hysterical Journey of Hearts
    Comedy Drama Family Musical Romance

    Hysterical Journey of Hearts Tie the Knot is a comedic drama set in Los Angeles & Mumbai. It reflects the struggles of two modern women (one East Indian American & one American), they have to balance their career ambitions with families, cultural pressures, and t...

  • Z For Zachariah

    Z For Zachariah (2015) PG-13

    After the end of the world she thought she was alone. She was wrong.
    Drama Romance Science Fiction Thriller

    Ann Burden is thought to be the lone survivor of a nuclear war until two mysterious men appear and compete for her love.

  • Agnes

    Agnes (2016)

    Drama Romance

    The non-fiction author Walter falls for the pensive and peculiar Agnes. When she encourages him to write a story about their love, reality and fiction blend to a point that their relationship and even Agnes' life are threatened.

  • The Culpable

    The Culpable (2015)


    The life and faith of a Catholic prison minister is shaken when his friend and colleague is taken into custody under suspicion of sexual abuse, which drives him to discover the truth.

  • The Lazarus Project

    The Lazarus Project (2008) PG-13

    Some realities have no escape
    Drama Mystery Thriller

    A psychological thriller about a man who is executed for a crime he didn’t commit and wakes up to discover what appears to be a new reality.

  • Escape From Earth

    Escape From Earth (2014)

    In a future gone to hell, one man will bring justice.
    Action Science Fiction Thriller

    In the future Saturn’s moon of Titan houses a prison where Earth’s worst criminals are kept awaiting their return to Earth for trial and execution. One of those criminals, Python Diamond, is being flown back to Earth, escorted by five members of the military police. Upon their arrival, they find that a cataclysmic nuclear war has reduced the world to a near-lifeless husk. Searching for survivors and any clue as to the cause of the destruction leads the six to a warehouse bunker housing scientists who constitute Earth’s last remaining hope for the future. Unfortunately, their landing spacecraft drew the attention of one of the gangs that roam the ruined countryside in search of food and resources, leading them straight to the carefully hidden and well-provisioned shelter. The gang lays siege to the warehouse, fighting their way inside in a bloody battle that takes lives on both sides.