• Internet Media Empire Inc

    Internet Media Empire Inc

    Distribution Company
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States

    We create, acquire and stream high quality digital content.

  • Beijing GooTime Media Co. Ltd.

    Beijing GooTime Media Co. Ltd.

    Production Company
    Beijing, Beijing China

    Established in 2006, formerly known as Beijing GooTime Culture Communication Co. Ltd, Beijing GooTime Media Co. Ltd currently provides the following services: investment and marketing of documentary films; investment and production of stage plays; post-production and music score of animated films; movie & tv copyright negotiations for literature works; publication and release of graphic novel magazines. GooTime Media currently operates primarily in investment, production, marketing, and release of movies. Meanwhile, GooTime collaborates with various international film corporations in a broad range of global projects. From 2010 till now, GooTime Media cultivated and supported many outstanding young talents in theatrical plays. Thus far, GooTime Media has produced a dozen stage plays, including “About His, Yours, and Mine”, “A Tale Within A City”, “Housing Dream”, “Thunderstorm 2.0” ( awarded 10 Best Plays in China Mini Theatrical Plays 30 Years by The Beijing News, shortlisted for Taipei International Festival of Arts), “Chair 2.0” ( nominated for and awarded the Jury Prize in Japan Toga Asian Theater Directors’ Festival ), “Happiness and Sorrow of Jobs”. We have produced a number of outstanding movies: “a Cherry on a Pomegranate Tree” produced in 2008 Adapted from the namesake novel by famous author Li Er. ( Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, presented the German version of this novel as a Christmas gift to Premier of China Wen JiaBao in 2008 ). The plot involves the Planned Birth policy and grassroots election in rural areas. After the filming wrapped up in 2008, “License for Public Projection of Movie” was only issued in early 2012 due to the sensitive topics involved. The film was shortlisted for Main Competition in the 34th Moscow International Film Festival in June 2012. China Film Association awarded this film with Excellent Feature Film for Excellent Rural Films in 2013. The film was finally released in mainland China in April 2013. “A Sword Identity” produced in 2011 This is the big-screen debut of Director Xu Haofeng, also marks his first endeavor in innovative martial arts films. This film was nominated in over 20 international and domestic film festivals including the 68th Venice Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Award, Japan Osaka Film Festival, China Student Film Festival, YGIFF. This film was awarded several important film awards, and released in February 2012. “The Black Square” produced in 2012 Funded and produced by GooTime media, directed by Japanese director Hiroshi Okuhara, this film represents the collaboration between Chinese and Japanese cast members and production team. It was shortlisted for Main Competition in the 25th Tokyo Film Festival in October 2012, and, subsequently, released in summer 2014. “Kill Time” produced in 2014 Adapted from the namesake novel by famous thriller fiction author Cai Jun. The film was directed by the esteemed Hong Kong director Fruit Chan. With Angelababy and Ruan Jingtian in lead roles, the cast also includes several skillful actors and actresses like Hao Lei, Huang Jue. The film saw its public release in February 2016. “Accidental Gangster” produced in 2018 A comedy directed by acclaimed movie and tv screenwriter Duan Lianmin. Starring comedy actor Guo Jinjie, Liu Hua, its cast also include several prominent actors including Waise Lee, Yang Haoyu. This film has entered the intense post-production phase with expected public release on the first day of Chinese New Year in 2019. GooTime has published graphic novel magazine “Jiuzhou Graphic Novels”, this magazine anthologizes works by many famous Chinese comic and novel authors, and owns a sizable quantity of intellectual properties in character setting, copyright of derivative contents, movies, and tv shows.

  • Latina Films Sales LLC

    Latina Films Sales LLC

    Sales Agency
    San Francisco, California United States

  • NetLevel


    Distribution Company
    San Francisco, California United States

  • The Movie Brats

    The Movie Brats

    San Francisco, California United States

  • Gold Valley Films Inc.

    Gold Valley Films Inc.

    1 323 961 3858

  • MJG Entertainment Inc.

    MJG Entertainment Inc.

    Production Company
    Los Angeles, California United States

  • Dauntless Studios

    Dauntless Studios

    Distribution Company Studio Financier
    Los Angeles, California United States

    DAUNTLESS STUDIOS is a North American distribution company focused on acquiring and providing distribution servicing to independent feature films, while also empowering filmmakers with a seasoned executive team. Our goal is to yield the greatest financial and creative returns for your film. We strive to establish an alternative form of independent distribution that focuses on everything from creative marketing to content accessibility, to ensure that independent films connect with their target demographics. The executive team and culture of Dauntless Studios permeates the company’s simple yet profound mantra: BE BOLD... BE INDEPENDENT... BE DAUNTLESS!

  • AFX Industrial (film scores)

    AFX Industrial (film scores)

    City of London, England United Kingdom

    If you think working with AFX Industrial (film scores) will be expensive and intimidating, think again! 
The correct use of music WILL make your film more watchable and more saleable and although it appears we have commodified scoring, I can assure you AFX are very hands on and approachable.  The only thing your audience will be thinking is 'how could they afford such a great score on their movie'? That's the illusion we create for you!  And you can spend as much or as little as you like with us. 

We have plenty of pricing and negotiation options and we'll NEVER make you feel uncomfortable.  We're on YOUR side and after the simple contract (which we supply) is signed and sealed, we are committed to making your film more awesome than you could ever have imagined! Like any truly professional product our scores, studio equipment and score writing services are available to anyone with any budget, there is no elitism here.  AFX are at your service!

  • Lotus Entertainment And Distribution Films

    Lotus Entertainment And Distribution Films

    Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional Dominican Republic

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