• Hockwood Digital DMCC

    Hockwood Digital DMCC

    Production Company Distribution Company Film Lab
    Dubai, Dubai United Arab Emirates

    Hockwood Digital DMCC is a state of the art post-production facility in Dubai, which aims to foster the growing demands of digital content. Our innovative technology enables to create best-in-class content, post-production and distribution services in Middle East. It is a one-stop platform that offers the world’s leading content creation to distribution, end-to-end services and technology helping customers to monetize content with professional and stunning output that will distinguish our customers from their peers.

  • kingdomflix


    Waco, Texas United States

    Kingdomflix is a video on demand (TVOD) and subscription (SVOD) channel that is committed to bringing the viewer a wonderful selection of Faith-based and Family-Friendly entertainment. They are looking for feature films, series, short films and documentaries of any genre as long as it represents their core values of Faith and Family content. KingdomFlix is especially interested in indie films and offers a serious platform for Christian indie filmmakers to distribute their work and share their message with the world. The channel be available in the US and Canada.

  • AMG Entertainment

    AMG Entertainment

    Tokyo, Tōkyō Japan

    As a subsidiary of the most acclaimed vocational school Amusement Media Academy, AMG Entertainment focuses on production and distribution for all media in Japan, and worldwide sales. The company all the time produces commercial movies such as blockbuster series "Werewolf Game", "Ao Oni" as well as animal movies with cats and dogs. It also owns music production and publishing arms.

  • alicecompny


    Londonderry County Borough, N Ireland United Kingdom


  • Hangar 18 Media

    Hangar 18 Media

    Production Company
    Toronto, Ontario Canada

  • West Wind

    West Wind

    Theater Circuit
    San Rafael, California United States

  • Antagonist Studios

    Antagonist Studios

    27 84 775 7444

  • OBBOD s.r.o.

    OBBOD s.r.o.

    Production Company Distribution Company Network
    Prague, Praha Czech Republic

    We are OBBOD – a global streaming platform which enables you to watch your favourite movies and TV shows wherever and whenever you like. With the monthly subscription you get access to hundreds of films and TV shows in high quality, which can be watched on any device connected to the Internet. Moreover, our accounts are family-oriented, so you can share your subscription with your nearest and dearest.

  • Qube Cinema

    Qube Cinema

    Network Film Lab
    El Segundo, California United States

  • Pacific Invasion Media