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  • Display available territories and rights
  • Share screeners with potential buyers
  • Negotiate deals
  • Store and deliver materials
  • Receive MG's and royalties
  • Search for content
  • Request screeners
  • Negotiate deals
  • Receive materials
  • Pay MG's and royalties

I have content. How can DFCN help me?

DFCN is the leading entertainment sales management software.

  • Within DFCN all content is treated equal. When buyers are looking for content DFCN shows every single movie that matches the search criteria of the buyer. This allows buyers to get the full spectrum of available content for the first time on any given genre or territory. No more red tape.
  • All you need to close a sale is DFCN. The entire sales cycle from finding a buyer to receiving your royalty payments are in one place:
    • License grid to show available territories.
    • Screening room to share and track your screener.
    • Storage and delivery system to send your materials.
    • Escrow account to receive funds.
  • The most secure screening room and a document sharing room at your disposal:
    • Invite specific people to see your screener or document.
    • Grant and revoke access at anytime.
    • See who watched and for how long.
  • The cloud offers you reliable access 24/7 to your files and transactions, more importantly it offers you peace of mind. Knowing your files are secure and backed up instead of them being on your computer or a hard drive.
  • Pitch your film with confidence, all our sales tools (screening room, secure documentation room, Social Media manager) are free (not including delivery service). When you sell your film using the DFCN platform you will only pay a 6% commission.
  • Store all your materials in a single place and make deliveries anytime anywhere in the world.
    All your files are encrypted making it the most secure alternative for your content. For just $7.99 per month get 1 TB* of storage and deliver your materials worldwide for $7.99 per 100 GB* delivery.
    *$0.10 per extra GB

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